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Historically, the salon was a place where people would gather to have intellectual, and often entertaining, discussions in 17th and 18th century France. Notable thinkers would gather at the salon to discuss everything from current news to literature to philosophy. They would exchange ideas with their compatriots in an effort to improve their understanding through dialectic. Even Martha Washington (wife of George) held weekly gatherings where everyone from members of Congress to ordinary citizens were invited to the executive mansion for discussions. Conduct in the salon was expected to be exemplary of polite society and intellectualism.

2ndLook believes that we can all benefit by returning to the traditions of dialogue found in the salons.

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Rev. Janice M.W. Hitchcock is a social scientist, specializing in human sexuality, trauma recovery, positive psychology, and community integration. A classically trained vocalist and djembe drummer, she is currently researching her master’s thesis The Drum Calls You: Becoming a Djembe Drummer: A Qualitative Study. On the formation and external verification of identity, as well as the healing and unifying effects of African drum culture. Returning to college as a grandmother, Rev, Hitchcock was named an International Distinguished Member of the Year for Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, has been inducted into the Texas Regional Hall of Honor, Psi Beta, Psi Chi, was selected for academic funding by the Terry Foundation (an organization whose mission is to strengthen Texas by helping to lift community leaders and scholars out of poverty), and several other distinctions. She is a Soror Rosae Crucis, holds a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Psychology, with a minor in Philosophy from Texas Woman’s University, an Associates of Arts with Honors from Collin College, Certificates in Business Management, Medical Office Specialist, and Yoga Instruction, and is completing her Masters in Sociology.

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