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Thank you for your interest in participating in the review process for 2ndLook News! We believe this process is essential to reducing bias in our writing, editing, and publication process. To that end, we are looking for reviewers with every possible perspective on as broad a range of topics as possible. We call this intellectual and political diversity, and it means there are no wrong answers to the questions below. Your answers just tell us which biases and blind spots of our writers and staff you can help us catch.

Once you sign up as a peer reviewer, your answers and contact information will be saved in a pool for future communications regarding 2ndLook peer reviewing opportunities. We may reach out occasionally asking if you’d be willing to give feedback on an article. This entails reading the article in a Google Doc and leaving comments about the content such as pointing out if you think we missed anything, got anything wrong, if anything seems particularly biased to you, if you got bored, etc. All of this helps us to refine the article.

We will never sell or otherwise share your information outside of 2ndLook.

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