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2ndLook News is Currently in Hibernation

Our Vision

Welcome to 2ndLook,

The news we consume shapes our worldview. It affects how we see ourselves, our neighbors, and our society.

2ndLook was born out of a desire for a different kind of news. It’s based on the concept of a trusted friend who digs into the facts about the stories that matter to you. This friend would share their findings in a non-persuasive manner with links to all the original sources so that you can double check them for yourself.

We believe that the role of news media is to be this friend who’s looking for the truth regardless of what they might find. We also believe that journalists play a vital role in society as watchdogs, informing the public about overreach and corruption and providing a check on those with wealth and power. It’s important that journalists have a platform for publishing stories that isn’t funded or easily influenced by those they need to be reporting about.

We publish one article or video per month here at 2ndLook. Our content is “slow news” and investigative journalism rather than breaking news or opinion pieces. Producing articles like this takes extra time and energy, but our intention is that each one will cover important topics, including those that aren’t being talked about much elsewhere.

We align all of our articles with our 7 Tenets. One might say this is our “known bias.” We’re experimenting with a system of peer review for each article before publication. We’ll add a note on our articles stating how many people have reviewed it, and issue corrections and updates as new information comes to light.

In the past, the news was disseminated by large media companies and cable networks. It was top-down and the viewers had a shared worldview because they received their information from a limited number of sources that tended to agree with each other.

Today, our news networks are fractured along party lines and often twist or leave out facts to fit narratives. Because of this, we can live with completely different worldviews from our neighbors. For the sake of a cohesive society with a shared worldview, we believe that news must become something we engage in together.

To this end, 2ndLook News offers memberships that facilitate various levels of engagement, from a community for discussing articles, to a story request portal for submitting topics you’d like to see covered, to a monthly Clarity Town Hall with some of our researchers and writers. We’d like to empower our members to make sense of the world with us. We also plan to publish educational articles to equip our readers to understand and analyze information sources more effectively.

I look forward to starting this journey with you. I’m eager for your feedback and excited to see the growth and development of this project from here on out.

Stacia Wilson
Founder, Editor-in-Chief
2ndLook News

Our 7 Tenets

Suspend judgement until there's sufficient context

We don’t publish

  • Persuasive writing

  • Opinion pieces

  • Breaking news

  • Coverage of every major event

We do publish

    • “Slow news”
    • Investigative journalism
    • Articles of varying lengths
    • Video round tables
    • Data stories (coming soon!)

Want more nuanced deep-dives on topics that matter?

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Want more nuanced deep-dives on topics that matter?

Want more nuanced deep-dives on topics that matter?

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