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Meet the Team

Stacia Wilson

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Stacia is a writer and entrepreneur. She founded 2ndLook News from a desire to reimagine news—from a system of misaligned incentives producing skewed information which results in division and chaos, to one that facilitates sound decision-making and common understanding.

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Craig Carroll

Copy Editor

Craig is a retired Marine and US defense intelligence analyst. He now works to defend the US from the deep divisions he sees within it.

Craig believes that 2ndLook News will help to repair the sensemaking process of the American people.

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Claudia Fox Reppen

Managing Editor

Claudia Fox Reppen is an editor and writer with a diverse background of experience from Canada and Norway. She joins the editing team of 2ndLook News to empower people of all walks to examine multiple angles and consider the nuances in complex issues.

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Judith Sears


Judith has more than 20 years of experience as a freelance writer with wide experience in feature writing, marketing, and corporate communications.

A long-time political junkie watching from the sidelines, Judith is increasingly concerned about the quality of information available to the public and is motivated to seek out and report accurate information.

Laura London


Laura has been working as a freelance writer and editor since 2016.

She joined 2ndlook News to help unify Americans on both sides of the political isle so we can focus on solutions.

The team above is not an exhaustive list of those working on 2ndLook. We’ll try to keep it updated with the core members who are currently most involved. Writers are added after they’ve published their first article with us and start working on a second.

If you’re interested in joining our team as a writer, researcher, editor, social media manager, marketer, or web developer, or if you’re interested to help with peer reviewing articles before publication, please email us at contribute@2ndlook.news. If you’d like to support our deep-dive investigative journalism, you can donate here, or become a subscribing member (with perks!) here. This goes a long way towards the maintenance of this website, paying for various apps and plugins, and, paying our team for their hard work. Thank you!

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