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Craig Carroll

Copy Editor

Craig Carroll is a retired Marine and US defense intelligence analyst with a degree in intelligence studies from American Military University (magna cum laude). He began his career in the US Marine Corps at age 18 and served for 15 years. During that time, he completed six combat deployments and received recognition as an innovator in the intelligence field, pioneering new methods of analysis. While deployed to Iraq, Craig trained under the tutelage of the creator of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, attaining a black belt and becoming a martial arts instructor.

As a senior enlisted leader of Marines, Craig led multiple teams of warriors and intelligence professionals at every level of command. He was recognized with awards in each of these environments, including multiple Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals and the Joint Service Commendation Medal. He was highly regarded within these communities as an exceptional analyst, instructor, leader, and mentor.

After retiring from the Marines in 2016, Craig became an intelligence contractor for the Defense Intelligence Agency at USINDOPACOM, again innovating methods of analysis that would improve intelligence up to the national level while continuing to mentor younger military professionals. He retired from this industry in 2020.

Craig now works to defend the US from the deep divisions he sees within it. He teaches Gracie Jiu Jitsu in an effort to empower individuals. He was a volunteer on the Red Team of the Unity2020 movement. He has published multiple essays, including in publications such as Areo Magazine, and he works as copy editor for 2ndLook News in order to repair the sensemaking process of the American people.
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Solar Roadways: American Ingenuity to Power a Greener Future

Solar Roadways: American Ingenuity to Power a Greener Future

There are moments in life when we hear about something that strikes us as so obvious, so wonderful, that we wonder why we haven’t encountered it before.  Solar Roadways was one of those things for me. We have accepted roads that exist in a certain way, but what if, in the near future, they could serve purposes other than simply a solid, flat surface for vehicles to drive upon? Solar Roadways is a company that has developed a technology (of the same name) which began with the idea to turn the surface of our roads into solar panels, and evolved…
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