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Claudia Fox Reppen

Managing Editor

Claudia Fox Reppen is an editor and writer with a diverse background of experience. She was raised in a family of Mexican and British heritage in Ontario, Canada, but it was learning German in high school that changed her life: in 1997 she won the Ontario High School German Contest, which took her to Munich for a summer course at EF International. Here she met a nice young Norwegian man; they married in 2002, and she moved to Ringsaker, Norway, where she loves country living and cross-country skiing.

After learning Norwegian, Claudia worked for five years as an assistant in a care home for dementia patients, followed by eleven years as a language instructor with Norwegian middle-school pupils. In the 2010s, she volunteered in a refugee reception center in her town, an experience that changed her life and profoundly challenged her views on the complex issues of immigration, integration, and multiculturalism. In 2012 she self-published Vil vinden bære dem: Flyktninghistorier fra Ringsaker Asylmottak, a Norwegian-language collection of stories of asylum seekers she met; in 2019 she reflected on the experience in a blog post entitled "The Headless Heart: A Canadian Multiculturalist Faces the Realities of Immigration in Norway."

Ready for a change, Claudia completed UC Berkeley's Professional Sequence in Editing in 2021. In addition to freelance editing, she is currently working on a book about the quest to uncover a family wartime story related to her British-born grandmother and the Canadian fiancé she lost in World War II.

Claudia joins the editing team of 2ndLook News to empower people of all backgrounds to examine the multiple angles in complex issues and consider the nuances, even—and maybe even especially—when they collide with their deepest-held personal views.
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