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Ukraine / Russia Invasion and War – Expert Round Table

This 2ndLook News expert round table was filmed on March 1, 2022, covering the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. You can watch it on YouTube here.

We sat down with a panel of experts to discuss the history of the region, what’s currently occurring, and speculation about what may be coming next. This is for those who want to understand what’s going on in Ukraine with the Russian invasion and ongoing war, outside of the narratives and propaganda. 

This is an authentic discussion where each expert is speaking from their own experiences, knowledge, and opinions (and may disagree with each other). It is up to the listener to glean from this what they they find useful and discard what they don’t.

Panel Participants:

Richard Harris – Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University-Camden Campus; PhD in Political Science and MA in Russian History

Oleksii Krykunov – PhD in History, specializing in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and Religious Studies; Ukrainian national

Ilya Obshadko – Russian national software engineer who emigrated from Russia due to events in 2014

Craig Carroll – 2ndLook Managing Editor and former US defense intelligence analyst with extensive experience in the Pacific theater

Nick Ramos – 2ndLook Writer working on an article about the historical context of the Ukraine/Russia region

Stacia Wilson – 2ndLook News Founder and round table host

You can help support the Ukrainian people with humanitarian aid by donating to the Red Cross here.

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By Stacia Wilson

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Stacia Wilson is a writer and entrepreneur. She grew up traveling between the US and Japan as the child of Christian missionaries, and has been to over 20 countries as a digital nomad. To empower others to travel, she wrote the ebook How to Travel Without Time or Money.

Stacia’s background as a partner dance instructor and world traveler has given her a unique perspective on human connection, language, and culture. She has a wide-ranging skillset that allowed her to freelance remotely before becoming an entrepreneur. She has managed teams while working as editor-in-chief of multiple commercial blogs, such as Wandering Westie, a lifestyle brand, and SwayD, a dance shoe brand.

She has a BS in Anthropology from the University of La Verne (magna cum laude) and is a member of the Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society. As part of receiving her degree, she conducted multiple hands-on ethnographic studies. These included on-the-ground networking, interviews, and documentation of cultural events. Her senior thesis was an ethnography which involved conducting and analyzing research in Europe, Asia, and across the United States.

  Stacia has completed personal development and leadership programs with Landmark Worldwide, Powerteam International, and Mindvalley. Her last entrepreneurial endeavor before Covid was an online dance training program (in Japanese) for women in Japan. Most recently, she was a volunteer for Unity2020, a movement designed to encourage solutions-oriented perspectives and uncover options beyond the two-party political system that dominates American media and politics.

  Stacia founded 2ndLook News from a desire to reimagine news—from a system of misaligned incentives producing skewed information which results in division and chaos, to one that facilitates sound decision-making and common understanding.

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