The Future of Energy – Expert Round Table

We sat down with professionals from the wind, oil & gas, and nuclear energy fields to talk about common misconceptions, innovations, and predictions in their areas of expertise.

With binding agreements in place to cut US carbon emissions in half by 2030, are energy alternatives up to the task?

Questions Covered:

  • Legislation – This year, a number of new nations- the U.S. among them – signed on to binding initiatives to dramatically reduce carbon emissions by 2030. What do you think the impact of this legislative shift will be?
  • The Public – what are your thoughts on public sentiment around energy consumption and the environment? Do you believe that it is reflected well in policy? What do you think are the biggest misconceptions around these topics?
  • Innovations – There seems to a long list of technological ‘game changers’ within the energy industry, from mega-battery storage for wind and solar, to Thorium-based nuclear, to the latest iteration of fusion power. What do you have your eye on? What current or future innovation do you think really could change the industry landscape?
  • Predictions – Where do we see things going? What will the state of the energy industry be in 2030? How will the economy and daily life and habits be affected as a result?

Be sure to check out our recently published article, “Whatever Happened to the Fuel of the Future?” by Nathan Smolensky and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos like this.


Note: The views expressed by the guests of this round table are the opinions the guests alone and should not be construed to be the views of 2ndLook News.

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By Stacia Wilson and Nathan C. Smolensky
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